PSDBHS Founder, Henry D.Muhammad (Hamilton)

Prodigal Sons and Daughters Behavioral Healthcare Services (PSDBHS) was conceptualized in 1985 when its founder Mr. Henry D. Muhammad (Hamilton) was at the apex of his chemical dependency to heroin and alcohol which had culminated into a lifestyle of drug related offenses, incarceration and homelessness. He had come to the fork in the road in his life and had to make a decision between life and death! Little did he realize at that time that the beginning of his life would start at ‘Rock Bottom’!
The name PSDBHS grew out the unique relationship between Mr. Muhammad and his accountant, Mr. Kenneth Jones as they talked about the concept of ‘optimum quality behavioral healthcare and substance abuse services. Mr. Jones coined the name of the company and encouraged Mr. Muhammad to use the name and establish the company as his first attempt at entrepreneurship. Mr. Muhammad took that advice and the rest is history. PSDBHS took approximately 20 years to materialize and a large part of its crystallization was when Mr. Muhammad reunited with another colleague, Mr. Dennis Porter the Founder and President of Prodigal Son’s & Daughter’s Prison Re-entry and Redirection Services (PSDBHS) around 1990. Mr. Porter introduced his concept of PSDBHS, how it was born and his future plans for the organization and Mr. Muhammad and ex-offender himself and who at that time was already a certified alcohol and drug counselor in college pursuing his undergraduate degree at Rutgers University (RU) immediately embraced the idea, completed the intense training program of PSDBHS’s and joined the fraternity. The training encouraged him to go on and complete his degree program at RU and further his academic career to earn a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and to obtain State Licensure as a Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) by the State of New Jersey. From the beginning of the conceptualization of PSDBHS to date its Founder and his team of counselors/consultants have served more than twenty years in the field of Behavioral Health Care and Human Services to offer the best mental/behavioral health, substance abuse, human and social services. And though the journey has been Prodigal to say the least, PSDBHS is a model company and true testament that recovery works.

Prodigal Sons and Daughters Behavioral Healthcare Services (PSDBHS) originally began in the basement of Founder’s Henry D. Muhammad (Hamilton ‘s) home. It is now centrally located in the office complex of 134 Evergreen Place, Suite 6005 , East Orange , NJ . The company provides mental/behavioral healthcare, substance abuse services and consultation services throughout the entire State of New Jersey and beyond. Their consultants have worked in New Orleans , North and South Carolina , Alabama , Virginia , Connecticut , California and Pennsylvania and the demand continues to escalate. PSDBHS prides itself on its flexibility and continuous quality improvement and total quality management system which forever keeps it in the forefront of new information and knowledge to improve and develop its skill based PSDBHS is number one in innovation and has not allowed itself to be boxed in when it comes to providing health and human services to its consumers. PSDBHS functions on the principle that ‘One size does not fit all and that an agency must not just be multidisciplinary in its approach, it must also be multi cultural. Therefore, every intervention is specifically tailored on an individual basis.